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The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Arizona

Helping our members, their families and our communities since 1961. We support dignified, meaningful, affordable burials and cremations.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Arizona is a non-profit, trusted, objective source of information to help you and your loved ones navigate end-of-life and after-death arrangements.

We educate and advocate for the rights of families to make informed choices that reflect their personal values and preferences.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and our tax ID is #86-6040471.


  • We offer help and advice from knowledgeable staff and volunteers who are not in the business of selling funeral services.

  • We help you become an educated consumer, receiving greater value for your dollar.

  • We share dignified alternatives to expensive funeral goods and services.

  • We offer member-only pricing with our cooperating funeral homes.

Leave behind a gift of coordinated plans that ease your family and make things easier for them.

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