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The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Arizona offers you the 2023 Funeral Provider Price Comparison Report for the state of Arizona, by region. We gathered General Price Lists (GPL) from a list of funeral providers supplied by the Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers.


Our goal is to help the consumer make as fair a price comparison as possible when looking at minimum “out the door” GPL costs for Direct Cremation, Direct Burial and an economical Full Funeral based on each provider’s most recent GPL. Providers may have “package deals” that are lower so be sure to inquire. When we had questions, we contacted the funeral home for help and clarification and our final worksheet was sent to each funeral home for verification. 

Arizona Regions

Select the links below for price comparison information in your region.

Northern Arizona

Central Arizona-Phoenix

Central Arizona-NE, NW, SW

Southern Arizona

Use this interactive map to find funeral services in your area.

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