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Learn how membership in the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Arizona benefits you.

​How membership benefits you:

  • Objectivity - You get help and advice from knowledgeable staff and volunteers who are not in the business of selling funeral services. 

  • Knowledge - You become an educated consumer, receiving greater value for your dollar. 

  • Dignity You learn about dignified alternatives to expensive funeral goods and services. 

  • Savings You can take full advantage of our member-only pricing with our cooperating funeral homes. 

  • Peace of Mind - You’ll have the materials to discuss your wishes with family or friends and make decisions while you are healthy and capable. 

  • Caring You leave behind a final gift . . . by coordinating plans ahead of time with your loved ones, you make things a little easier for them.

Members Receive:

  • Funeral Planning packet including information and pricing for cremation and funeral choices

  • Organ and whole body donation information

  • FCAAZ Planning and Vital Statistics Record Forms

  • Membership Wallet Card

  • Access to informative brochures and knowledgeable staff

  • Link to directory of nearly 50 affiliate FCA organizations nationwide with reciprocal benefits

  • Newsletters - printed and electronic

  • Right to elect Board of Directors

  • Discounts on cremation and funeral costs

  • Legislative advocacy to protect the rights of our members and all funeral consumers

  • Some peace of mind for you and your family after you complete your paperwork

  • Satisfaction that you support a non-profit that helps people at some of the worst times in their lives

How Your Membership Works:
When you receive your membership kit, complete the forms and put the originals in your files. Give a copy to your next of kin or a trusted friend.

  1. At the time of your death, the funeral provider you have chosen is contacted. Pre-payment is not necessary!

  2. The funeral provider is paid at the time of your death.

  3. If death occurs out of town, check for the closest local FCA affiliate at our national website:

  4. Should you move, your membership can usually be transferred to the closest affiliate for a nominal fee.

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